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Emotional pain, fear and anger can’t be avoided.  Everyone needs tools to face and deal with some of the harsh realities that life throws upon us.  Ann Green has 35+ years experience supporting people to face their challenges - and offers tools to help them grow.  People struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship or family conflicts, job stress, often have difficulty asking for help.  However, that's the time to reach out!  It's OK to ask for help. Ann strives to build a trusting relationship and create a space for honesty and openness.


Ann Green is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and Social Therapist. She offers individual, group and couples therapy - and can prescribe medication to supplement your therapy if needed.  Ann's clients come from all walks of life - including professionals, college students, corporate executives and employees, educators, artists, health care providers and many others.  Her expertise in helping those who've experienced depression or anxiety has made a profound impact on many of her clients' lives. 


Social Therapy is a therapeutic approach that emphasizes the social and cultural context of a person's life with a focus on helping people develop and grow emotionally and socially.  Ann is also trained in EMDR for those need help processing childhood or adult traumatic experiences.  


Ann's specialty is group therapy.  In group therapy people create a supportive space where you can develop tools for sharing feelings, asserting yourself,  being a better listener, becoming more of who you are and who you are becoming. 


Ann loves nothing more than helping her clients grow and embrace their lives.

 If you're in the state of New York and looking for a compassionate and skilled therapist, Ann Green might just be the one for you.



Joan Ingalls


What to do? 

Why seek help?


Do you want to feel less depressed, get relief from anxiety, create better relationships or find a more satisfying job? 

Are you overwhelmed with trying to feel better and don’t know what tools might help you to cope better?

Do you seek joy in your life, but don’t know how to achieve it? 

The good news is: you don’t have to know. 


We all try to do so many things alone. We try so very hard to be independent, self-sufficient and autonomous - not burden others. Maybe that’s why we are alone, or if not alone, feel alone. 

But there are ways to feel better and we can discover them together. 


I’m a social therapist. I work one-to-one and with couples and small groups. My focus is emotional growth and the alleviation of emotional pain. It doesn’t matter whether you have an eating disorder or stage fright, you’re a manic-depressive, obsessive-compulsive or an addict; it doesn’t matter whether, to your dismay, you find yourself married to a “stranger,” or are suffering the indignities of the “boss from hell.” I know how to help us collaboratively create a way for you to feel better and have better relationships with the important people in your life.


Jennifer Bullock 


Together, we grow


Experience better relationships at home, work, and community

Discover the power of group therapy = Our emotional gymnasium

​We offer life development group therapy with diverse 'ensembles' working as a team towards healing and growth

  • ​Group therapy offers an effective and powerful platform  for us to  practice new ways of seeing, feeling, living 

Couples, Colleagues, Friends, Family

​We help you practice radical relationality: 

  • ​What can our relationship become?

  • How do we take care of our relationships?​

  • How do we infuse color and vibrancy into our partnership?

Jenn:   “candid and kind” clients say.  With 35 years of experience as a group and relationship therapist, I bring a playful & compassionate approach to the coaching process. 


Carrie Sackett, ZPD Coaching  

Couples, Families, Life Development Groups


With couples (and non-traditional partnerings), we work together to identify and support what the relationship needs. I help you get closer even as you are deciding to continue together or to separate or redefine what you are doing together. 


I work with families that have experienced traumatic loss of a loved one, families with middle school children in which the parents are fighting and families that want to heal old wounds between members. 


I also run short-term and ongoing Life Development Groups


My practice has moved exclusively online, so I can work with you wherever you are.


My clientele is multiracial, multi-class, multi-gender and international.


Carrie has been practicing social therapeutics for 25 years—in the coach’s chair and outside the coach’s office as a corporate global change leader, an award-winning communications professional and an international nonprofit executive. 


A client of social therapy for many years and a graduate of the Social Therapist Training Program of the New York State chartered East Side Institute, I have personally experienced the powerful impact of this approach with my emotional and social growth.


Marian Rich’s blurb


Are you feeling stuck, lost, or overwhelmed? Do you want to discover new tools for dealing with life's challenges? 


Marian Rich is a social therapeutic coach, a multifaceted artist and a lifelong community organizer. Trained as an actress, theatrical improviser and director, she is passionate about the transformational power of performance and play. Her unique and creative approach to emotional support opens up new possibilities for living a more joyous life.


Marian’s group coaching practice is open to anyone who wants to discover new tools for dealing with challenging life situations and emotional responses during these uncertain and tumultuous times. Her clients describe her as a coach who leads with a depth of emotionality, wisdom, playfulness, and kindness.


She co-leads the monthly Creative & Emotional Playground with her therapeutic and theatrical collaborator, Aurelie Harp. As a collage artist and improviser, Marian periodically leads Collage Play sessions, offering a group artistic and therapeutic space for discovery. 


In addition, Marian’s two decades as an executive search consultant, recruiting for Fortune 500 companies, gives her a unique perspective on workplace challenges. Her playful executive coaching practice can help you find more fulfillment in your professional life.


Whether you're dealing with anxiety, stress, or feeling overwhelmed by life, Marian can help you create new performances and perspectives to navigate challenges, strengthen your relational muscles and reignite your creativity. 


Some additional phrases/sentences by ChatGPT that I could possibly also make use of:

Marian's coaching practice is rooted in the power of play and creativity.


This is what ChatGPT wrote this when I gave this prompt: rewrite bio for someone who is looking for a therapist because they are depressed. 

Whether you've been diagnosed with a mental health condition or are just struggling to cope with life's challenges, Marian's approach can help you find new tools and perspectives to navigate your struggles. Her Collage Play sessions and Creative & Emotional Playground are both designed to be fun, interactive, and therapeutic, providing you with a creative outlet to express yourself.


Her playful approach to executive coaching can also help you find joy and fulfillment in your professional life.


If you're looking for emotional support but hate traditional therapy, Marian is here for you. She offers a refreshing approach to emotional support that can help you find joy, creativity, and healing. Together, you can explore new paths to emotional well-being and find the support you need to thrive.


Marian Rich is an experienced social therapeutic coach and artist who understands the challenges of depression. With her passion for helping individuals navigate tough situations, she can offer you a safe and supportive space to explore your feelings and discover new tools to manage depression.

Trained as an actress, theatrical improviser, and director, Marian knows how to use the power of performance and play to help individuals overcome depression. Her coaching practice is open to anyone, and she's dedicated to helping you find hope and healing during these difficult times.

Through her Creative & Emotional Playground and Collage Play sessions, Marian offers a creative and therapeutic space where you can explore your emotions and express yourself freely. Her playful approach to executive coaching can also help you find joy and fulfillment in your professional life.

If you're struggling with depression and need someone to talk to, Marian is here for you. She understands the challenges you're facing and is committed to helping you overcome them. Together, you can work towards a brighter future filled with hope and happiness.


Aurélie Harp

Let's create a playful life together?

Become innovators and activists of the world.


I'm a certified international social therapeutic coach and theater practitioner. For the past 20 years, I’ve helped people respond to life challenges through creativity and I help them do it socially and globally. 


I approach human development, relationships and cultural transformation through play to help you create the environment you need to to grow with others and develop your life, your community and the world.

Concretely, I work with individuals and groups to engage us to create together our lives and relationships in the way a theater director builds ensembles. I am a stage director, writer, and performer. I am also a French immigrant who has become American and I bring this unique perspective into the mix.

Like any coach, I use questions to help people discover what they need and share their emotionality and I add creative tools like theater performance, improvisation, movement to activate our imagination and capacity to improvise new collective responses.

My clients come from very diverse backgrounds and from all over the world because I believe that we need to create more public spaces in our lives with people who are very different from us to explore, innovate and learn how to swim in the same river of life. 

I offer my services to both individuals and groups with a specific focus on creativity, international ensemble building and inclusion. 

I design my sessions to give you the flexibility you need — 

  • you can start with one-to-one coaching, 

  • “grow a la carte”  and join a monthly Creative & Emotional Playground I co-lead with my therapeutic and theatrical collaborator, Marian Rich

  • or directly dive in an ongoing Social therapeutic group with people from all around the world.

My sessions are currently all online, but stay tuned for more information on in-person groups and workshops.

Why should you join? Because you’ll learn new creative and relational skills to respond and move forward in an unpredictable world, you’ll also learn that you are not alone.

Together, we’ll create something more meaningful and impactful than what you could create on your own, because in group we learn how to build and connect in an intimate way which allows us to be more creative with our challenges, our pain and others. And that creates joy.




Helen Abel is a life performance coach on staff of Life Performance Coaching ( who loves to help people create new ways of dealing with the challenges of everyday living, such as anxiety, relationships, feeling isolated, memory loss and growing older. Her 40+ years of experience as a therapist, social worker, and life performance coach grounds her work in helping people create environments where they can develop their capacity to create, perform and play.


Helen, with her colleague, Eileen Moncoeur, also on staff of LPC, has created and co-leads short term groups “Creating New Performances of Memory Loss, Dementia and Growing Older”.


These groups are open to everyone, persons living with dementia, care partners, people grappling with growing older, and everyone interested in transforming the experience of memory loss and aging from stigma and fear to joy and emotional growth.


The groups are improvisational in nature, starting with an improv game to help people play with and create new kinds of conversations. Often people speak about emotional pain, sadness, anxiety and worry. We find that people’s experiences of shame and isolation are being transformed into feelings of connection and new possibilities. And the groups help people break out of the tragedy narrative of dementia and growing older and support them in creating new performances in their lives.


Helen does short term individual coaching and co-leads an on-going life performance coaching group where people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities come together every week to create new conversations that can help them create and perform new possibilities in their lives. 


Helen Abel


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