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Carrie Sackett, MS

Social therapeutic coach – virtual/international

Co-Author, Social Therapeutic Coaching: A Practical Guide to Group and Couples Work


Build the life you want…

Together we create a caring and supportive environment in which you can try new ways of seeing and doing and feeling so that you can build the life you want.


About My Practice

My clientele is multiracial, multi-class, multi-gender and international. 

Specialties/Areas of Service

  • 1-1: We all need support to change and grow in our lives. Working with me, you will quickly move out of feeling stuck and into experiencing emotional growth.

  • Couples (and non-traditional partnerings): We work together to identify and support what the relationship needs. I help you get closer even as you are deciding to continue together or to separate or redefine what you are doing together. 

  • Life Development Groups: We build a caring, non-judgmental environment where we can let go of expectations of how our lives should be and create new, joyous, intimate emotions, conversations and life choices.

  • Families: Together we create a new ways of relating that break out of societal scripts and generational patterns to help move through, loss, divorce, mental and physical illness, abuse, trauma and spectrum disorders. For siblings, adult (and minor-aged) children and parents, nuclear and alternative families seeking new tools for growth.

  • Children/Teens: Using play-based and emergent practices, I work with children aged 6-18 to develop emotional elasticity around issues of trauma, divorce, loss and adhd.



Fees are sliding scale.



“Carrie’s counseling style is one of love and care. I highly recommend. The effects of working in a group sharing our experiences and stories, creating something together, gave me hope, and calm.” -- Amy


“Something transformed when I shared my imposter syndrome experiences. The group saw me as much bigger in the world that I saw myself. I am way more confident of my business interactions now. Thank you Carrie.” -- Pedro


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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