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Marian Rich

“The opposite of play is not work — the opposite of play is depression.” - Brian Sutton-Smith


Discover and practice how to respond to life’s challenges with creativity and joy.


Join a social therapeutic coaching group (co-led with Aurelie Harp):

Monthly Creative & Emotional Playground (on Zoom)

Weekly group (in person NYC)



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About My Practice

Areas of Service

Experience the transformative power of group creativity and social therapeutic conversation.


  • Group coaching with Marian Rich & Aurelie Harp

    • Creative & Emotional Playground - meets monthly on Zoom 

    • In-Person Coaching Group - meets weekly in NYC

  • Executive Coaching - a playful approach to professional development 

  • Collage Play -  Take a break from overthinking and unleash your creativity



  • Flexible sliding scale fees offered

  • No insurance accepted


Client testimonials

“Marian is full of wisdom, playfulness and kindness as she leads with a depth of emotionality that helps to bond the group.”

“Marian and Aurelie create a vulnerable space of warmth, creativity, and fun that allowed me to be courageous with my own vulnerability."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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