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Murray Dabby

Social Therapeutic Coach - In-person and virtual - Atlanta and internationally

Psychotherapy licensed in Georgia 


Experience greater relationships and intention.

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About My Practice

Group Therapy for Adults:

Growing and transforming with others, creating a team to support healing and growth.\ Moving out of our alone individualistic frame to learn to build, create, and change in community.

Couples Therapy :

  • Join a skill-building couples program with other couples learning the performance of Couples Connection.

  • Meeting in personal couples therapy to grow beyond hurt and pain in couples work.

  • Learn to create more intimate partnership and friendship with your significant friends and partners

Family Therapy:

  • Work to create a new effective and caring family experience.

  • Social Anxiety

  • Groups using improv to help with and transform social anxiety. Become comfortable in your skin while working and playing with others.

Life Coaching:

  • For support with transitions, relationships, developing new life plans, and getting unstuck.



  • Moderated and sliding fees offered

  • No insurance accepted - Bills for out-of-network reimbursement provided

How Clients Describe Me:

  • Warm, compassionate and relaxed

  • Funny and playful

  • Honest, directive, and out of the box


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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