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Helen Abel

I love to help people create new ways of dealing with the challenges of everyday living, such as anxiety, relationships, feeling isolated, memory loss and growing older. My 40 years of experience grounds my work in helping people create environments where they can develop their capacity to create, perform and play.

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About My Practice

Life Performance Coaching offers group coaching where diverse groupings of people come together to create something new. These groups are weekly and people come together  to create new conversations that can help them create and perform new possibilities in their lives. Partner groups and multi-family groups are also provided on a monthly basis to help people in relationships of all kinds to support their lives. We also provide short term individual coaching.


Helen, with her colleague, Eileen Moncoeur, also on staff of LPC, has created and co-leads short term groups “Creating New Performances of Memory Loss, Dementia and Growing Older”.


These groups are open to everyone, persons living with dementia, care partners, people grappling with growing older, and everyone interested in transforming the experience of memory loss and aging from stigma and fear to joy and emotional growth. We find that people’s experiences of shame and isolation are being transformed into feelings of connection and new possibilities.



  • Flexible fee range.

  • No insurance accepted.


How Clients Describe Me

  • Curious

  • Non-judgmental

  • Compassionate

  • Direct


Helen Abel


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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