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Grow with Social Therapeutic Coaches

Let's develop, together


About Us

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We are a resource for people seeking emotional support and life coaching. We are highly trained professionals from around the world who have incorporated, and are influenced by, the East Side Institute's social therapeutics.


If you're looking for a playful, off the beaten path approach that relates to all of us as creators of our lives vs. "I'm broken and need to be fixed," welcome! This may be the place for you.

Chaos and uncertainty are opportunities to create and build something new. The world is increasingly a painful and chaotic place to live in, especially since much of the chaos and uncertainty is humanly created.

Whether you are facing relationship difficulties, or can't decide on a career, or you can't get out of bed in the morning, here you will find a highly curated list of practitioners who share a common philosophy.

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 Our Philosophy: 

Life is relational

You can fix a car, but human beings can grow, develop, create, and transform. How? By building something new together.


Up until fewer than 150 years ago, people didn’t ask.”What's wrong with me?” They asked, “What's wrong with us?” Our earliest recordings of human thought tell us that their answer was somewhere in the realm of, “The gods are angry at us.” It wasn’t until Freud - 1899 - that the questions: "What’s wrong with me and how do I fix myself?" caught on.

Social Therapeutic practitioners want to go back to the ancients’ question, but with a new spin: What’s wrong with us? - as in, “What’s wrong with the world we have created?”


This is not to blame the culture and absolve ourselves of responsibility, but to shift our responsibility from fixing ourselves individually to considering other options. Maybe we can figure out together whether it’s even a "fixing" activity that will help.

Let's develop, together!

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 The meaning of
life is each other 

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